Dan Adelman

A lot of indie developers who became ‘overnight successes’ were working at it for ten years.

Rami Ismail

A great way to not make money is to make something you don’t believe in. Make your game. Be confident.

Cliff Bleszinski

Nobody in this industry knows what they’re doing – we just have a gut assumption based on the games that we can play.

John Romero

Golden rule of level design—Finish your First level last.

Shigeru Miyamoto

They want to tell stories that will touch people’s hearts. It should be the experience, that is touching. What I strive for is to make the person playing the game the director.

Satoru Iwata

On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.

Jumping the Gunn

A long time ago I started working on a game called Jumping the Gunn. A plaformer crossed with a point and click adventure, heavily inspired by The Naked Gun films.

Recently I have been wanting to increase my skills in other areas of development so the plan is to recreate the scene below in DirectX12 using C++ rather than Unity.

Its still my aim to one day finish and release the game.

Learning UE4 – Equipping weapons

Last week was quite hectic but I managed to get half an hour in UE4 to carry on work in the character controller blueprint and get the weapon that is currently in the socket on the characters back and switch it to the hand and vice versa.

This coming week I am hoping to find an animation that I can use for reach behind the head so that I can make it look a little nicer when the character equips the sword and shield

This is the current state of my blueprint but its a bit of a mess and I am sure this is not the best way to do what I am doing but it seems to work.

This is how it currently looks in game

Learning UE4

I’ve been working in Unity3d for the past 4 years now but have always been interested in learning more about the Unreal Engine, with the introduction of the the Epic games store and reduction in royalties its becoming more and more commercially viable to use the engine in a indie environment.

I am a big fan of a good RPG mainly due to the variety of different systems that need developing, not just combat but quests, dialog systems combat, mounts etc so for me it was a no brainer to try to replicate some of the key components of my favourite RPG games (The Witcher 3 and of course World of Warcraft, minus the online part).

The first part I have started working on is the character controller using the standard third person sample but I have started to replace the animations with a set of sword and shield animations purchased from the store. So far I haven’t got very far but I’ve enjoyed managing to get the weapons to bind to different sockets using Blueprints.

Dead ‘n’ Homeless Devlog 2

I’ve finished off the interaction Manager and updated the Weapons Manager to allow for picking up weapons and adding them to the players weapon list. Each interactable item has a set of properties and can respawn after x amount of time has passed or simply be destroyed

Dead ‘n’ Homeless Devlog 1

I’ve finished the work on the weapon manager and animation for attack backed up by a basic controls manager that can provide input based on the current platform (PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One)

I’m now starting work on the interaction manager so I can pickup weapons and ammo. In the view is a basic example of being able to interact with an item. The large box is not intractable and hence the crosshair stays red but the smaller box is and the crosshair turns green

Downgrading Samsung S7 Edge to Marshmallow

Because of the issue with single pass rendering on the Mali chipset we need to downgrade the phone from Nougat to Marshmallow however this seems the most difficult thing to do with a phone these days. Why is it not a developer option to reset the phone to a different firmware version for development

Single Pass rendering in VR on the S7 Edge

Recently we released a game built in Unity 5.6.0b9 only to discover that while the game runs perfectly on the S7 the S7 Edge is massively under powered to the point that Single Pass rendering simply shows a black screen, profiling the game in the oculus tool didn’t elude to anything other than a large increase in the thermal temperature sensors.

This is something Oculus don’t seem to have seen before and Unity is aware of the problem with OpenGLES 2 and single pass rendering but we are running with OpenGLES 3, we tried with 3.1 and AEP enabled but nothing seemed to help apart from switching back to multi pass rendering.

While this worked we encountered some severe slow downs, these weren’t typical slow downs that you would see if you maxed out the cpu or gpu, they were the equivalent of trying to walk in treacle, the player movement just slowed right down.

Typically if it was a frame rate or cpu issue like we encountered before release we would see jerky movement or timewarp issues.

Right now we don’t have a solution for single pass rendering on OpenGLES 3 for the Samsung S7 edge but we have heard rumours of performance repeated updates coming soon for the S7 edge, let’s hope it’s easily fixed

Upgrading to Unity 5.6.0b7

I just came across a problem with the API updater in Unity 5.6.0b7. Firstly it doesnt show you the errors so you need to click in the console as soon as you notice an error then screenshot to find out the errors. In my case it couldnt update the Oculus framework, it was quite a simple fix in the end, I went into OVRMoonlightLoader and OVRPlatformSettingsEditor and replaced all occurrences of PlayerSettings.bundleIdentifier with  PlayerSettings.applicationIdentifier

Jumping the Gunn

Yesterday I found assets from an old game i began working on until the designer moved away. It was a game called Jumping the Gunn starting Detective John Gunn a maverick cop set in the 80’s think of a cross between Lethal Weapon and Naked Gun. I noticed i had enough assets to build the main menu and a demo level so quickly through the beginnings of a menu together as seen above

Action RPG Inventory Landscape

I recently purchased the Action RPG Inventory System from the Unreal marketplace. Its fantastic and possibly one of the best plugins on the market at the moment. I have now embarked on creating a simple RPG level using the inventory and the landscape I started a couple of posts ago.

Additional features I plan to add to the RPG level

  • More rocks and foliage
  • Add a weather effect system
  • Add a waterfall
  • Add the ability to pick items up such as flowers
  • Add custom cross hairs dependent on what you are mousing over.
  • Time dilation
  • Add skill systems
  • Add character stat system
  • Add a main menu
  • Implement sound cues
  • Add AI with Listening
  • Implement ledge climbing
  • Add a blacksmiths forge
  • Add the ability to open doors into the forge
  • Implement Animations for attacks
  • Add tree collision
  • Add gamepad support