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Jumping the Gunn

A long time ago I started working on a game called Jumping the Gunn. A plaformer crossed with a point and click adventure, heavily inspired by The Naked Gun films.

Recently I have been wanting to increase my skills in other areas of development so the plan is to recreate the scene below in DirectX12 using C++ rather than Unity.

Its still my aim to one day finish and release the game.

Learning UE4 – Equipping weapons

Last week was quite hectic but I managed to get half an hour in UE4 to carry on work in the character controller blueprint and get the weapon that is currently in the socket on the characters back and switch it to the hand and vice versa.

This coming week I am hoping to find an animation that I can use for reach behind the head so that I can make it look a little nicer when the character equips the sword and shield

This is the current state of my blueprint but its a bit of a mess and I am sure this is not the best way to do what I am doing but it seems to work.

This is how it currently looks in game

Jumping the Gunn

Yesterday I found assets from an old game i began working on until the designer moved away. It was a game called Jumping the Gunn starting Detective John Gunn a maverick cop set in the 80’s think of a cross between Lethal Weapon and Naked Gun. I noticed i had enough assets to build the main menu and a demo level so quickly through the beginnings of a menu together as seen above

Action RPG Inventory Landscape

I recently purchased the Action RPG Inventory System from the Unreal marketplace. Its fantastic and possibly one of the best plugins on the market at the moment. I have now embarked on creating a simple RPG level using the inventory and the landscape I started a couple of posts ago.

Additional features I plan to add to the RPG level

  • More rocks and foliage
  • Add a weather effect system
  • Add a waterfall
  • Add the ability to pick items up such as flowers
  • Add custom cross hairs dependent on what you are mousing over.
  • Time dilation
  • Add skill systems
  • Add character stat system
  • Add a main menu
  • Implement sound cues
  • Add AI with Listening
  • Implement ledge climbing
  • Add a blacksmiths forge
  • Add the ability to open doors into the forge
  • Implement Animations for attacks
  • Add tree collision
  • Add gamepad support