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Downgrading Samsung S7 Edge to Marshmallow

Because of the issue with single pass rendering on the Mali chipset we need to downgrade the phone from Nougat to Marshmallow however this seems the most difficult thing to do with a phone these days. Why is it not a developer option to reset the phone to a different firmware version for development

Single Pass rendering in VR on the S7 Edge

Recently we released a game built in Unity 5.6.0b9 only to discover that while the game runs perfectly on the S7 the S7 Edge is massively under powered to the point that Single Pass rendering simply shows a black screen, profiling the game in the oculus tool didn’t elude to anything other than a large increase in the thermal temperature sensors.

This is something Oculus don’t seem to have seen before and Unity is aware of the problem with OpenGLES 2 and single pass rendering but we are running with OpenGLES 3, we tried with 3.1 and AEP enabled but nothing seemed to help apart from switching back to multi pass rendering.

While this worked we encountered some severe slow downs, these weren’t typical slow downs that you would see if you maxed out the cpu or gpu, they were the equivalent of trying to walk in treacle, the player movement just slowed right down.

Typically if it was a frame rate or cpu issue like we encountered before release we would see jerky movement or timewarp issues.

Right now we don’t have a solution for single pass rendering on OpenGLES 3 for the Samsung S7 edge but we have heard rumours of performance repeated updates coming soon for the S7 edge, let’s hope it’s easily fixed

Upgrading to Unity 5.6.0b7

I just came across a problem with the API updater in Unity 5.6.0b7. Firstly it doesnt show you the errors so you need to click in the console as soon as you notice an error then screenshot to find out the errors. In my case it couldnt update the Oculus framework, it was quite a simple fix in the end, I went into OVRMoonlightLoader and OVRPlatformSettingsEditor and replaced all occurrences of PlayerSettings.bundleIdentifier with  PlayerSettings.applicationIdentifier